history casa museo costa rica

History Casa Museo Costa Rica

The history Casa Museo Costa Rica begin in the early twentieth century. A property built by the Gurdian Agüero family and located in the heart of Barrio Amon. Mireya Guardian Agüero, pioneer of women’s education and outstanding painter, lived there with her husband for decades. In 1964 she decided to remodel the family home, with the idea of building an urban work to beautify San Jose.


Mireya Gurdian  Mireya Gurdián Agüero en 2011

December 7th, 1916 is born in San José  Costa Rica, Mireya Gurdián Aguero. A pioneer of the feminine education, and a remarkable painter. Mireya Gurdian realized her secondary studies in England and France where she entered to the University ‘ la sorbone’ to follow a course on the education for young women. On having finished her studies, she was distinguished. In 1937, she returned to Costa Rica founding in San Jose the Feminine Center of Studies of Art and Culture. The Center was the first institution in his kind  in Central America and in Costa Rica.

In 1964, Mireya Gurdián, builds a new facade and drew herself the house, the volumes and the decoration which we know today. It is considered a property of eclectic or “mestizo” style characterized by varied finishing styles in the interior and the exterior, including Neoclassical, English, French, American and even Aztec influence. In reality the end product gave an extraordinary personal architectonic interpretation .

facade y vespa casa museo costa rica


 The facade was build  in reforced concreet and bricks. The decoration of the windows were  molded and modelled by  hand, using the technique of bush hammering and stone cutting but on some reinforced concrete, what gives this aspect of carved stone.

mold casa museo costa rica

Mireya Gurdián lived in the house until 2000, year or she had to leave it.

Casa Museo Costa Rica was abandoned during 11 years which damaged strongly the house and made it unhealthy. The roof flowed from everywhere. But the stucture of the house is extremely well built and solid.  All the materials, as concrete, are of the very first quality. All the decoration was very damaged but the stucture remained intact.


In 2011 the house was rescued , by Nathalie robin, robotics and automation engineer and painter, and Jean Marc Steylemans, interior architect and designer, with the aim of restoring it and creating Casa Museo Costa Rica.

restoration costa rica casa museo

Of the beginning of 2011 at the end of 2014, almost 4 years were necessary to return her magnificence and add it the current touch, by respecting the original soul of the house and so realizing the Casa Museo Costa Rica project. The bet of Jean Marc Steylemans and Nathalie Robin, a  Belgians couple,  living in Costa Rica since 2005 became a reality with big success and gives the expected results today; more than a house, an urban work of art in the center of San José.

Nathalie Robin, Jean Marc Steylemans