Icon of the architecture of Costa Rica

This icon of the architecture of Costa Rica have been build in the early twentieth century by the Gurdian Agüero family and located in the heart of San Jose en el  Barrio Amon.

Mireya Guardian, pioneer of women’s education and outstanding painter, lived there with her husband for decades. In 1964 she decided to remodel the family home, with the idea of building an urban work to beautify San Jose.

The remodeling process resulted in substantial changes to the original facade in the front of the house. This remains intact to this day and stands out because it is made of reinforced concrete and brick, and molded to simulate stone finish Windows , the doors are in wrought iron .

It is considered a property of eclectic or “mestizo” style characterized by varied finishing styles in the interior, including Neoclassical and English, French and even Aztec influence. It’s a art work totaly apart in the architecture of Costa Rica.

Abandonned for 11 years, the house have been saved and restored by 2 Belgians  specialists in restoration and design Nathalie Robin et Jean Marc Steylemans

 casa museo

The mirrors room