1st stage of the restoration of Casa Museo Costa Rica

The historic research

Before beginning the restoration of Casa Museo Costa Rica itself, we realized a historic research work to gather most possible  informations as photos, documents, anecdotes, we questioned the neighbors and historians.  We looked for any element allowing us to know the history of this surprising house.

Historical photo   

old photo casa museo costa rica


In 2011, during our researches, we learn that Mireya Gurdián is alive, that she is 96 years old and that she lives in a rest home in San José. It was for us an unhoped-for luck to be able to have information directly of the author of this surprising project. The meeting with Mireya Gurdián was an extraordinary moment, whith a kind, cultivated, intelligent woman and always so passionate for this house. The contact passed immediately and she told us for 2 hours the history of the house, illustrating her words of some photos of time which stayed in her drawers.

Of this interview got free an intense emotion and allowed us to meet a big artist and a woman totally in forefront in her time, in Costa Rica.

 Mireya Gurdian

Restauracion casa museo fase 2

Hubo muchas dificultades para restituir al estado original esta vivienda. Incluso tuvimos que importar, de Alemania, un removedor de pintura a base de agua, del mismo tipo utilizado para sacar la pintura capa por capa, tal como se usa para restaurar cuadros antigos.

Restauration casa museo step 2

There were many difficulties to return to the original state this mansion. Even we had to import from Germany a remover of painting, based on water, who remove the paint layer by layer; and little by little we  rediscovered  the details and the colors of the original decoration. Then, we started with the removal phase, we had to dismantle all who wasn’ t original


Agradecemos a nuestra amiga, Claire Fontaine, especialista en restauración del Instituto Nacional belga de preservación y conservación del patrimonio, por sus preciosos consejos.

We thank  our friend, Claire Fontaine, specialist in restoration of the National Belgian Institute of preservation and conservation of the heritage, for his precious advices.

Restauracion casa museo fase 3

Inmediatamente empezamos la fase de restauración que duró aproximadamente 3 años y medio con el resultado que tenemos a hoy.

 Restauration casa museo step 3

 After that, we started the restoration phase that lasted about 3 years, which resulted in the image that you see today in the renovated interiors.